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Private consultations, retreats & programs incorporating mindfulness meditation, creative processes, specialised yoga and breathing techniques – designed to create a shift in perspective, enhance attention skills and develop mental and physical ease.

Change your mind: Change your world

Like the sun obscured by clouds, stillness and clarity are always present even when we think they're not there. Strong repetitive thoughts, fixed perspectives, and powerful emotions are like the clouds that hide the sun. Meditation practice can cut through the obstructing thoughts that conceal your inner clarity and insights. Meditative stillness coupled with challenging one's mental 'clouds', is the keystone to Michele Sierra's work and teaching. Too often the choices we make are informed by our unchallenged thinking processes as well as our beliefs. We don't challenge them, because we're comfortable with them even if they give us pain. Clinging to old paradigms and unproductive behaviours creates stress and confusion. Establishing the capacity to identify and examine ingrained thinking processes and concepts can - and will - radically alter your perspective, enhance mental clarity, and contribute to greater peace of mind and personal health.

Be taken step by step through a skills based program to:

  • Re-envision and evolve your conceptual thinking processes. Shift your perspective by identifying and challenging outmoded mental and emotional patterns that bind you to old paradigms of perception and stressful responses (anxiety, reactivity, physical pain, insomnia ).
  • Meditate confidently on your own. Focus, clarity and tolerance are natural outcomes of a regular mindfulness meditation practice.
  • Invigorate your mind and body - through meditation, yoga therapy and breathing practises.
Michele Sierra

The real voyage of discovery consist not in new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust