Michele Sierra (MA Cultural Psychology. GD Fam.Couns. Clinical Member CAPA).

Michele Sierra

Michele Sierra has more than 20 years of consulting experience, in Australia and internationally, focused on teaching meditation and stress management to improve the wellbeing of individuals and to assist corporations in enhancing the effectiveness of their people. Her long- term interest in cognitive studies, the impact of the 'mind-body' relationship on our health and wellbeing, greatly informs her work as a cultural psychologist, registered psychotherapist and yoga teacher. Her passionate inquiry into the potent effects of established beliefs and conceptual thought processes on the way we perceive and shape our world, has taken her to India to study Yoga and Eastern Philosophy, and to Central America and Australia to learn from indigenous cultures. Michele continues to deepen her own inquiry, meditation practice and studies in the Buddhist tradition. She applies the results of current scientific research into mindfulness based meditation to her life and work.