The Mindfulness Meditation and Intra-Personal Skills Program is designed to positively impact your approach to life, work, and wellbeing.

This program is tailored specifically to meet the needs (time commitment, lifestyle, vision) of each individual or small group in the form of one-on-one training; workplace courses; intensive retreats.

Regular and ongoing Mindfulness Meditation practice along with specific intra-personal skills taught in this course will:

  • Shift perspective on habitual patterns of thinking to effect the change you are looking for
  • Enhance perception and resilience
  • Combine intuitive and rational process in creative decision making and problem solving
  • Heighten mental clarity and creativity
  • Bring awareness and increased attentiveness to every aspect of life and work
  • Improve physical health through better managing stress levels
  • Enable you to meditate confidently on your own

There are five primary components to this process.
You can include all five or select only those of interest:

Please see Personalised Services for an outline of various program structures.