Personalised Services

Into Perspective programs are tailored specifically to meet the needs (time commitment, lifestyle, vision) of the individual or small group in the form of one-on-one consultations; workplace courses; intensive retreats. Each program includes Mindfulness Meditation, Intra-Personal Skills training, yoga breathing and other modalities chosen by you. (Please see programs for a detailed outline of the primary course components)
As a general guide there are three methods of taking part in an Into Perspective program:

  • Private  Consultations
  • Into Perspective customised 4 to 6 week program
  • Half and full-day workshop, conference presentation or short retreat.

Private Consultations

Private consultations are offered according to your specific requirements and may include any of the modalities comprising the Into Perspective program. You may choose to explore a new direction emerging in your life, develop your meditation practice or learn mindfulness based practices to work with anxiety, depression, grief or physical pain. 

Michele works from Annandale and Norwest BC locations

Customised 4-6 week program

The initial consultation is 90minutes (1-4 people) followed by three/five x 75minute training sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. It is suggest that the first and second meetings are scheduled no longer than one week apart and the subsequent sessions can be attended fortnightly or monthly depending on your requirements. Continuity is very important in order to establish confidence in meditating alone, therefore the schedule is established at the commencement of the program to support and guide your process. Typically the first session consists of gaining clarity on your objectives and intra-personal skills in order to personalise your program. This is followed by an introduction to meditation, yoga breathing and your chosen program components. Specific practices are designed for you to complete during the time between consultations so that each training builds upon the previous one.

Following are two examples of how you may structure a program with an emphasis in different areas:

  1. Minding Mind - a focus on Mindfulness Meditation. This program may include training with emphasis on the areas Mindfulness Meditation, yoga breathing and restorative practices for stress management, Intra-personal skills, Meditation Practice Online course.
  2. Health and Wellbeing - a focus on Meditation, Yoga breathing, establishing a physical yoga (asana) practice and improving health. A private consultation with a naturopath or counsellor may be included in this program upon request.


For more information about Into Perspective's customised programs, to schedule a consultation or inquire about our rates please contact Michele Sierra: