Mindfulness Meditation Course

Mindfulness Meditation is a natural process of learning to focus the mind on the underlying and unchanging stillness beneath all thoughts, emotions and feelings. This practice develops a skilful means to effectively manage disruptive thoughts and emotions, stress and ill-health. Living mindfully transforms your experience of yourself, relationships and the larger world. 'Meditation is the vibrancy and insight you bring to each moment'.

It is well-known that meditation brings deeper states of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. This is achieved by gradually developing the capacity for unbiased mindful awareness, self-reflection and the resilience to deal with the complexities and stresses of everyday life. Through meditation your mind becomes less clouded by mental and emotional clutter. Scientific studies into the benefits of meditation show that it can enhance creativity and productivity, alleviate depression, promote a greater quality of sleep, reduce the effects of stress related conditions like hypertension and anxiety. One of the most recognised benefits of regular meditation according to research show that over time the depth of negative emotions become much more shallow enabling a more spacious and peaceful mind. A regular, ongoing practice is essential to experiencing the benefits of meditation.

Course Outline

This module is offered as a one-day intensive course or as three x 2 hour sessions.

The format is designed to accommodate small to medium sized groups, or taught one-on-one.

The Mindfulness Meditation course offers practical techniques to assist in working with a busy mind, establishing mental clarity as well as physical calmness. Varied approaches to meditation along with specific instructions on Mindfulness Meditation will be taught. You will be shown how to establish a simple meditation practice that can easily be incorporate into your daily routine. At the completion of this module you will have the necessary skills to establish a foundation for developing an independent meditation practice. The course is suitable for people new to meditation as well as those who may have had previously experienced meditation and would like to enliven their practice.

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