Drawing on personal experience and that of working closely with clients over many years, Michele emphasises the value of living intentionally through the practice of mindful awareness and with mental clarity - which is an outcome of regular meditation practise. Michele enhances people's competencies with an engaged approach to meditation that includes deeply questioning assumptions. She works collaboratively with her clients to identify the stressful patterns of conceptual thought and responses that cloud the mind and keep one stuck in useless paradigms (such as worry, anxiety and lack of clarity and vision). In today's uncertain environments being able to still the mind and connect with what is truly important is vital.

With an empathic, yet dynamic style she offers practical instruction on how to challenge and work with these processes in order to bring about greater inner clarity and emotional resilience, enhanced creativity and connectedness. As a health professional, consultant and trainer for more than 20 years, Michele's areas of specialization include: meditation training, intra -personal skills, yoga, breath work and customised programs for private groups and individual needs - with ongoing support.

Professional code of ethical conduct ensures that a client's privacy is maintained at all times, enabling the deepest processes to unfold safely.