A weekly email course for 6 months to inspire and support your meditation practice

It is difficult to maintain a meditation practice and make the mental changes you want by only attending a short course or reading a book.

The Online Meditation Practice course is designed to accommodate those of us who lead busy lives and find it increasingly difficult to find the time to meditate or attend a regular group. Filled with practical tips and techniques, insights and inspiration that you can put in to action any time or place. It only requires a commitment of 7 minutes per day where ever you are, whatever you are doing!

As with learning any new skill, to experience the benefits of meditation it is essential to practice regularly. The Online course will help you to do that.

The course provides reinforcement of training and personal support to establish effective - on-the-spot practices that can be used throughout the day - even when there seems to be 'no time to practice' . The E-course arrives in your email box each week. You can go at your own pace, receive it on the move - where ever you are physically located - and use the online forum to stay in touch if you choose to.

Course Fee: 6 Month Course (24 lessons) - $150
Commences: February 2017

if you would like to learn more about this course please contact Michele.

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