Intra-Personal Skills Training - Insight and Self-reflection

Techniques to challenge and identify limiting thought processes (i.e. fear anxiety and biases) that impact intuitive knowing and inner stability."You cannot solve a problem from the frame of mind that created the problem in the first place"

Intra-personal Skills Training is conducted as a series of private consultations, adapted to meet the specific requirements of the client. The duration of each consultation is approximately 90 minutes.

Creative insight and leadership requires the capacity to self- reflect, listen, change focus and regulate emotions. Through identifying cognitive processes and personal core beliefs and responses, you are better able to make the changes you want. Listening skills and self reflection are essential components in bringing awareness to this process.

Self-reflection and Listening skills - Listening is more than hearing.

Vital engagement requires the capacity to first know and listen to oneself in order to understand another or consider the potential within another perspective. Listening skills are developed through unbiased mindful awareness, openness and reflection. This is the essence of trust, the heart of meaningful communication.

Course Outline

This programme offers practical instruction on identifying and understanding how to work with your specific thinking processes and if relevant, mental and emotional health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress. When stressed, perspective and physical wellbeing are the first to be affected. Through the application of the insights and techniques acquired during this training , you will be able to turn down the volume on outmoded mental models that keep you stuck and open to a more receptive and creative approach to life in general. Through the capacity to regulate emotions you become more resilient, less reactive toward unpleasant or challenging experiences and experience a deeper sense of connection, inner stability and confidence.